Alberta Citizens on Patrol

Mobilizing citizens throughout Alberta to participate in a community-based crime prevention initiative.

Alberta Citizens on Patrol website frontpage screen capture

DATE: 2020

ROLE: Web Development & Project Management

CLIENT: Alberta Citizens on Patrol

Project Objectives:

  • Provide each member ACOPA the ability to manage its members, registration documentation, and allow for a large member’s only content.
  • Effectively represent ACOPA’s brand identity through a visually appealing design, reflecting their values, mission, and commitment to service excellence.
  • Transform the website content so that it’s accessible for members, up-to-date and aligned with ACOPA’s values.

Website objectives:

  • Accessibility: Provide clear, easy access for ACOPA members, and potential members and adhere to accessibility standards.
  • User Engagement: Allow members to upload their membership details as well as log each groups volunteer hours.
  • Educate and Advocate on starting a Citizens on Patrol group, and educate members on best practices when out in the community.
  • SEO and Visibility: Implement SEO strategies to enhance the website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Adaptability: Design the website with scalability in mind, enabling easy updates and additions as ACOPA’s memberships services and offerings continue to evolve.
  • Compliance: Ensure the website adheres to relevant data protection and privacy regulations, providing a secure and trustworthy experience for users.
  • Social Integration: Integrate social media platforms to foster engagement, enable sharing of content, and expand ACOPA’s online reach to a broader audience.
  • Performance and Speed: Optimize the website’s performance to ensure fast loading times, reducing bounce rates and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Analytics and Insights: Implement tracking tools to gather data on user behaviour, allowing ACOPA to analyze site performance and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.